A Camp for men of trans experience by men of trans experience

Camp Lost Boys is a summer camp experience created by men of trans experience for men of trans experience. This camp is a curated environment dedicated to fostering brotherhood, trust, and community building. We provide a traditional camp setting for guys who may have never experienced a good, old-fashioned sleep-away camp. Join us for an adventure packed with physical activity, conversations, arts and crafts, community building and so much more.

Camp Registration is Now Closed

Stay tuned for details about the next adventure in May 2020!


Past camp age range of attendance has been 18-76.


What this camp does best:

Ability to connect in real life

Dedicated MoC spaces

MoC attendance avg 30-40%

Intergenerational; 10+ yrs transition and 40+ yr olds

Valuable, well facilitated chats found nowhere else

Facilitators with experience/expertise in all walks of life

Ability to express Masculinity without judgment from the cis and LGBTQ community

Lots of physical activities and fun to be had, without fear or judgement

Respect for yourself, your brothers and our shared journey

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