What kind of quarters will we be staying in? 

This camp has freshly remodeled cabins with wrap-around porches. There will be cabins with multiple bunk beds, though if you cannot sleep in a bunk bed we can provide you with a single bed. Some cabins have bathrooms with multiple private showers and stall toilets, other share a close-by bathroom facility with ample privacy. If you are in need of a bathroom attached to your cabin, please specify in registration. 

Is there an option for a private room with a bathroom? 


Yes. If you require more privacy and less roommates, we can accommodate for a slightly more expensive ticket. $490 all inclusive (plus registration fee). 


However this type of space is very limited, so first come first serve. Be sure to select the single cabin option in check out. 

Will the camp provide bedding and pillows? 

The camp can provide linens (pillow, towel and bedding) for up to 30 people for an addition cost ($30), so first come first serve. Please be sure to select that option upon checkout. When we reach 30, we will remove this option from registration. Otherwise, you will be expected to bring your own sleeping bag, towel and pillow. 

My friends and I will be attending together, can we all stay in one cabin? 

Yes. Be sure to note that in your registration, so we assign you to the same cabin. 

How are cabins assigned?

We will take into account all which you told us in your registration and make sure you are matched with people with whom you are compatible. 

Will I know my cabin assignment before I arrive? 

We will do our best to get that information to you before a week before camp begins.