A Camp for men of trans experience by men of trans experience

Camp Lost Boys is a summer camp experience created by men of trans experience for men of trans experience. This camp is a curated environment dedicated to fostering brotherhood, trust, and community building. We provide a traditional camp setting for guys who may have never experienced a good, old-fashioned sleep-away camp. Join us for an adventure packed with physical activity, conversations, arts and crafts, community building and so much more.

Now more than ever, it is our aim to give respite and retreat to MoC, men who are isolated in their daily lives and those at the beginning of their transition and especially those who transitioned a long time ago. There are certain pressures associated with being a man of trans experience and more so for men of color and men that live stealthy. We hope you find a piece of peace at CLB.

Registration for the next experience opens April 1st!

Scholarships open June 1st.

Camp Lost Boys is now expanding to host more focused camps. We will be introducing this in our next camp: Young Bucks and Stags. We will have designated programming specifically for men that are early in their transition and programming for men that have already been through it.


Past camp age range of attendance has been 18-76.


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Young Bucks and Stags