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What past campers have to say:

Spending time with guys of all ages and races in an extraordinary environment, in the fresh air and sunshine, and without any external distractions always makes for special connections. I love being in the mountains and I love hearing the stories of the amazing men who attend. There’s plenty of laughter and learning and appreciating being alive. Thanks, Camp Lost Boys. Let’s do it again!!
— Jamison Green, 71 years old, over 30 years working in this community
Camp Lost Boys was exactly what I didn’t know I needed. Being around so many other trans men who were at different stages of their transition and wide age ranges helped me to realize that I’m not walking alone on this journey. I went into camp shaming and doubting myself. I then left camp with more confidence and a newfound love for myself, my body, and my transition. Plus, I made friends with some rad dudes from all over the country. I’ll definitely be going back.
— Elliott Feliciano, 36, Los Angeles

Camp Lost Boys is the place where I have finally found brotherhood and community. there is something to learn from every man at camp, even if you think you don’t have anything in common. I never felt left out, it was so easy to start a conversation with every body there. coming home, I am a far more confident person. at camp, I learned the importance of holding my chest (and head) high.
— Kameron Plotner, 22 years old Buffalo NY - 4 years in the community
I reluctantly came to camp based off a friends recommendation. I had no idea what to expect. At this point in my life, I transitioned 23 years ago, am married and live in a rural part of the country. I am not really involved in a trans community at all. The experience gave me a type of connection and brotherhood I didn’t realize I was missing. It allowed me the space and opportunity to connect with other men and myself in ways I didn’t know I needed. I will be coming back again. Can’t recommend enough for other guys, especially men that long-since medically transitioned and are not connected to other trans men. It was profound for me.
— anonymous, 46 years old - transitioned 26 years ago
“My experience at Camp Lost Boys was nothing short of profound. And yet, I don’t know if any words that can truly describe the experience fully. The camp was everything I never knew I really needed. Being at camp made me feel centered and grounded. Connecting with guys whose stories touched me with a familiarity I know all too well, was priceless. To be surrounded by people in the room that have paved the way for me to exist, and for me to be visible, is nothing short of a miracle. I took away many experiences, connections, and stories that have inspired me and helped make me proud of my journey and the life I live. The experiences I took from Camp Lost Boys have made me a changed man. Thank you!”
— Clark Musto, 35 years old SF Bay Area, CA - 2 years in the community
Camp Lost Boys will forever be one of the most profound experiences in my life. I came to the first camp I attended fairly disconnected from the community and living and working through my transition relatively alone aside from a few men that I’d made friends with on the Internet. I showed up knowing no one and having no idea what to expect, and within two days connected with nearly 100 men on an emotional level that takes years to get to most of the time. The instant connection and understanding that happens at this camp is something I’ve never experienced before in my life, and is a gift that’s very hard to find in this world. I left camp with strong foundations for friendships that I will have for the remainder of my life with men that I could not be more thankful to have met exactly when I needed to.

The camp provides a great mix of workshops and discussions that will crack you open and make you learn more about yourself than you thought possible. They’ll answer questions you didn’t even know you had, and make you think about yourself and your place in this world in ways you’d never considered before. And they balance out all the heavy introspection and deep discussion with all the classic summer camp activities to relax and have a little bit of fun if you need some time to decompress. What your weekend at camp looks like is entirely up to you.

I would strongly recommend all men of trans experience attend this camp at least once in their life. Particularly those who have not attended any of the past camps or those looking for the amazing brotherhood this camp creates. It’s something I didn’t even know I needed at the time when I first attended, and has forever impacted me in the best possible way. Without a doubt Camp Lost Boys will change your life.
— Charlie Genry, 30 years old Denver, CO.
I had a blast at Camp Lost Boys Angelus Oaks 2017 and 2019. The experiences were part reunion, meeting up with friends I’ve known for years who live across the USA, and part retreat, due to the serene grounds, chill main cabin fireplace and sound of the burbling stream. I also got the opportunity to lead a few workshops, which provided a space for the men to discuss topics not typically covered/permitted in trans/queer spaces (ex. faith, positive masculinity, binary identity). Thank you for putting together such an awesome event! I will be back!!
— Zander Keig, LCSW, Age 52 Jacksonville, FL - 21yrs in Trans Community (on T 14yrs)
This experience has everything you could ever hope for: the fun summer camp activities, meaningful and powerful conversations, and the best people you’ll ever meet.
— Remus, 21 years old Arizona, in the trans community for 4 years