When does camp start? 

Camp starts at 3pm PST on Thursday April 25th and ends at 3pm PST on Sunday April 28th 2019. We will welcome all campers the first night at the dinner orientation at 7pm. 

Is camp for trans men on T only? 

Absolutely not! We encourage all self-identified men of trans experience to come celebrate our male identities in a safe, fun, and rugged outdoor setting. If this sounds like it's not the camp for you, we can happily recommend a number of other retreats and activities that may be a better fit for the masculine spectrum and more non-binary experience. 

All (trans) men who want to attend are welcome. No haters, all love. We ask that all who attend are respectful of others, the camp and the mission. All who attend, regardless of where they are at in the transition, will be respected as men. 

I identify as gender non-binary or gender variant, is this camp for me?

No. This camp is for men of trans experience and people that identify as male. Identity is specific and subjective and we will absolutely not be policing or deciding who is male or man-enough. That said, if you feel you do not identify as male or a man, this may not be the experience you are looking for and we would hate for you to be uncomfortable.

There are a few other camps that exist and are open to a more non-binary experience of gender and we are happy to point you in that direction. This is the only space that exists right now that caters exclusively to (trans) men. Please understand that separatist space is crucial and essential for learning about oneself and building community. 

When will we get our schedules? 

We will be sending out a schedule a week or two before camp starts. Most activities will be open to all, but some fireside chats will be geared towards specific groups and some spaces will be for men of color only. 

Is there Wi-Fi and cell phone service at camp? 

We strongly encourage you to unplug while at Camp Lost Boys. Some carriers may have service and others may not, but the aim and ideal for all is to BE HERE NOW and remove ourselves from our technology dependencies. 

Is there drinking or drugging at camp? 

Camp Lost Boys is a clean and sober event. Recreational drugs, marijuana, and alcohol are not allowed. Participants with prescription medication (including medicinal marijuana) should bring and use their medication discretely to treat their medical condition as instructed by their doctor. Sharing or recreational use of prescription medication of any type is not allowed.

Is smoking allowed at camp?

There will be a designated area for smoking. 

Will there be men of color in attendance?

Camp Lost Boys is organized, in part (2/3), by men of color with a keen eye on making sure there is dedicated space and activities for men of color specifically.

I transitioned long ago, will this camp be mostly men that are beginning their transition?

One of our organizers began his medical transition almost 18 years ago and is dedicated to making sure that a breadth of experience is represented in our attendance. There will be space and chats aimed specifically for men who are just beginning their transition and men who have long since transitioned and barely think about it anymore. We aim to be a camp that is intergenerational and caters to all experiences of maleness. 

Is this an academic, workshop or caucus based retreat?

No. This camp is more focused on accessing the fun of boyhood camps. There are so many trans-specific events that offer great lectures, talks, panels, etc. about trans identity, though this will not be one of them. It is our aim to create an environment where we can get into nature and just have fun! 

I live a stealth lifestyle - most of my friends and coworkers don't know I am trans, will my picture be taken/posted somewhere? 

Absolutely not! No one will be photographing you without consent and we will not be posting anyone's pictures without permission. This is a place we hope you will feel comfortable being without fear of people disclosing your private information elsewhere. 

Why does camp cost that much?

Putting on a sleep-away camp is fairly expensive and labor intensive. We are a not-for-profit, volunteer-based community event. Any extra money we make will go back into the camp. If we generate enough extra money, we will be opening up scholarship spots for campers who cannot afford the tuition. If you would like to donate to sponsor a camper, please do! 

What is accessibility like at camp?

The camp is equipped with wheelchair ramps all over the grounds. If you have specific needs that will make your time at camp easier and more comfortable, please be sure to let us know ahead of time so we can meet all of your criteria.